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  Sunday  December 9  2001    12: 09 PM

Photoshop Tennis

Anyone for Photoshop Tennis?

A hush falls over the small crowd of spectators. Minutes tick slowly by. Suddenly, a player volleys.

The announcer cries out, "Rush has ditched his first direction and turned around with a colored filter, practically obliterating the layers underneath."

Welcome to Photoshop tennis, an online contest in which the players are Web designers, a Photoshop document is the ball, and a send button is the racquet.
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Photoshop Tennis

Rules of the Game

It's a pretty simple idea really. One player emails a photoshop document to the other containing a single layer. Each player progressively adds a layer until the match is over, either by time, withdrawal or mutual consent. A guest adds comments in real time and the people watching vote for a winner
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The above site has the results of previous games but it was a game of amateur photoshop tennis that I found first, this morning, that got me laughing. Part of the success of the game seems to be the quality of the running commentary.

The following game of amateur photoshop tennis is between Jim and Noah. The commentary is by PhotoDude. I'm not sure they followed the above rules strictly but it was a very satisfying game.

Ladies and gentlemen...(cue the drum roll)...Jim versus Noah Grey.

The Jim versus Noah Gray game is one of 6 games of Underground Photoshop Tennis hosted by JimFormation.com.