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  Monday  December 10  2001    12: 47 PM

Beaver Report - Day 16

Your intrepid beaver reporter ventured out in the dreary Northwest rain to bring you these exciting pictures.

Our beaver buddy went all out this morning (or it might have been last night.) He even did some more chewing on the front of the tree in the upper left picture. (For the purposes of this investigation, the house side is considered the front and the lake side is considered the back.) The side pictures show a lot of work done and the back picture (lower right) shows a complete circling of the tree for the first time. A day's work (Or was it a night's work?) well done! This beaver is finally living up to the adage busy as a beaver. He seems to be in a final sprint to the finish! Time will tell.

Enron - Fraud, Our Most Important Product

Dan Gillmor's entry Sunday, Enron and Corporate Hide-and-Seek, has some good links that are worth repeating.

Companies need to be kept in check
BY Dan Gillmor

Molly Ivins: Tossing out Enron's dirty laundry

Enron chiefs sued for $25bn

The Dangers Behind a Leap of Faith

Taliban R Us

Crusading for a Christian nation

It was a carefully crafted scene that is being played out across the nation as Christian conservatives, energized by the spiritual revival brought on by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, campaign to post the 10 Commandments in public buildings throughout the country. The biblical laws, which some Christians insist should be established as American doctrine, have become a weapon in a long-standing battle to erase the line separating church and state.

In what some experts say is developing into one of the biggest 1st Amendment challenges in decades, Christian conservatives have declared war on civil libertarians for the soul of America. A grass-roots movement that began three years ago in the Bible Belt South has intensified in recent months, with dozens of efforts under way to defy U.S. Supreme Court rulings prohibiting school prayer and the placement of religious symbols in public buildings.
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Anyone read Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale? It get's scarier all the time.