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  Wednesday  December 12  2001    08: 10 PM

I'm late posting today. Customers kept calling up and wanting me to do work. That was inconsiderate of them!

Transportation Revolutions

Much ink, and many pixels, has been devoted to the Segway Human Transporter (SHT), formerly known as IT and Ginger. Check out their website and then check out another trasnportation revolution:

The Megway

The War Against Some Terrorists

The ghost of Christmas future in the land of the free

HEY, GRANDMA! Are you home? I just picked up our new flag at the Wal-Mart Patriot Center. You want me to take down the old one?

"Bless your heart, Bobby. What would I do without you? It's been so long since I could afford my arthritis medicine, I can't even pull on the flagpole rope. And you know what trouble I'd be in if somebody passed by and reported us flagless. President-for-Life Bush made that a federal crime back in early- 2005, I believe."
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Bin Laden in Pakistan, source claims

Osama bin Laden escaped the embattled Tora Bora base to Pakistan 10 days ago with the help of tribesmen from the Ghilzi tribe, according to a firsthand account Wednesday by a senior Al Qaeda operative and Saudi financier. Abu Jaffar, who spoke from an Afghan village still sympathetic to Mr. bin Laden and his fighters, says that several days later, bin Laden sent his 19-year-old, married son Salah Uddin back to act on his behalf. He is now the only bin Laden family member inside the Tora Bora terror base.
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I guess we will be invading Pakistan next...wait! We alread have. Pakistan is now a wholly owned US subisdary. Now what!?

Golden State Terrorists

What do Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, the Philippines, Iraq, and Garden Grove and Long Beach, California have in common? They all appear to be harboring terrorists of one stripe or another. If President Bush is steadfast in his belief that "if they [countries] fund a terrorist, they're a terrorist. If they house terrorists, they're terrorists," look out California!

Garden Grove? Long Beach? Home to terrorists? That's right. During the past year, Time magazine and several other mainstream publications have identified organizations -- with home offices in the Golden State -- that are plotting coups, planting bombs in other countries and raising money for more of these activities. And they're not your usual Cuban exile groups.

Two organizations -- the Long Beach-based Cambodian Freedom Fighters (CFF), and the Garden Grove-based Government of Free Vietnam (GFV) -- are finally drawing some attention from the U.S. government these days.
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By Any Standard, This is a War Against Afghans

The bombing of Afghanistan by the United States is being reported in the press as "The War Against Terrorism". That war was never initiated by ordinary Afghans whom we are reportedly saving from terrorism (and yes, they are certainly the victims of Taliban and Mujahadeen terrorism). Even American citizens were not included via their congressional representatives, to decide if the US should initiate a war in Afghanistan. It was an executive decision, made with only the justification that it was a War Against Evil, a War Against Terrorism. Let's call it what it is, not a War Against Terrorism, but a War Against Afghans.
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Eight Weeks in Jail: Life on Ashcroft's Enemies List


:-( Despair, Inc.

"Whether you're a pessimist, underachiever or a chronic failure, I personally offer my unconditional* guarantee that Demotivators™ will truly inspire you to new lows!

E.L. Kersten, Ph.D.

Founder and COO

* some conditions apply.

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When only the worst is good enough.

Shakespearean Insulter

You scullion! You rampallian! You fustilarian! I'll tickle your catastrophe!

Thy food is such as hath been belch'd upon by infected lungs.
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