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  Friday  December 14  2001    02: 33 AM

The War Against Some Terrorists

They call this 'the slaughterhouse'

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With Iran, Against Americans

If You Don't Want American Flag Stamps, Watch Out!

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What is happening in Israel/Palestine is so depressing. Sharon is repeating his disaster in Lebanon. If a little military violence and murder doesn't work then we will use a lot more. With Sharon and the right wing extremists in power there is no exit.

Sharon aims guns at Arafat as ties are severed

David Aaronovitch: Revealed: the self-destructive doctrine according to Ariel
'Who will the Israelis now have contact with? Ahmed al-Bloggs at number 47 Stone-thrower's Street?'

An excess of zeal


A very interesting article reviewing a book about musical scales. If you are interested in music this is a must read. Even if you don't play.

Good Vibrations

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The Web

I missed the celebration of America's first site on the web. 10 years this past Wednesday.

Small, ugly and first

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Essential Sites

Firda is always good at finding those little sites that put some meaning back into life.

The Single Pixel Webcam

ascii aerobics

Get a new computer for Grandma!

The Amazing Catapult Watch!

And last, but certainly not least.

Found! The longest bird penis ever.