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  Saturday  December 15  2001    11: 41 AM

New links

I updated the links under the nav bar. These are the links that I regularly read. The list changes as I find I'm no longer reading some links while I'm reading others regularly. I also did some reorganization. Some links fall naturaly into these categories while others may seem to be forced. So it goes. Subject to change without notice.

New links under Personal Blogs: Blowback, dak.com, Cursor, eric.stamen.com (focused on web graphics, particularly interactive), JOHO The Blog, DANGEROUSMETA!, and abuddhas memes.

New links under News Blogs: Alternet, Common Dreams, and Progressive Review

New Links under Newspapers: Seattle PI, Seattle Times (I live north of Seatlle and these are the local regional papers), Washington Post, Village Voice, Guardian - World News, Guardian - Middle East, Frontier Post, Dawn

New links under Magazines: The Atlantic, SatireWire, Tikkun, and Exquisite Corpse.

New links under Editorial Comics: get your war on and Political Strikes.