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  Monday  August 5  2002    12: 31 AM


Welcome to the Official
Cynthia Plaster Caster Website

You see, over the last 30 years I've had the pleasure of capturing some Very Special Appendages for my collection. They are my sweet babies and I am their Mama! For some time now we've been on the lookout for a warm, moist planet to spread our seed and, by jove, I think we've got it. [read more]

thanks to Andrew Abb @ American Samizdat


Dead Presidents

If you're into dead presidents (and gosh, who isn't?), you came to the right place. By simply clicking your mouse button, you can see pictures of me, Manus Hand, visiting the final resting places of every one of them (save three -- I'm still working on it!) Prepare yourself for excitement and adventure (or at least for a bunch of pictures of me standing in cemeteries, tombs, crypts, and mausoleums). [read more]

thanks to plep