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  Monday  August 5  2002    01: 21 AM

Mary Jane

The Urban Ecology of Cannabis

The urban ecology of cannabis is an exploration of the long inter-dependence between human culture, civilisation, cities and cannabis hemp. This paper will examine the marginalised history of cannabis hemp, and explore the inter- relationships with the physical and human ecology of cities, landscapes, regions and society. This paper will consider hemp in all its forms, but is not primarily concerned with debating the criminological, sociological or medical reasons for cannabis law reform. This has been done by many other individuals and groups, and will only be discussed briefly to provide a necessary social context. Instead this paper will document the historical context and demostrate ecological and economic reasons to legalise cannabis and highlight new functions and roles for the demonised cannabis hemp plant in the brave new ecological city-state-world of the 21st Century. [read more]

thanks to abuddhas memes