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  Thursday  August 8  2002    09: 56 PM

Indict the Murderers of Oslo!!
by Uri Avnery

How 90 Peruvians became the latest Jewish settlers
When a delegation of rabbis travelled to Lima to convert a group of South American Indians to Judaism, they added just one condition: come and live with us in Israel. As soon as these new Jews arrived in the country, they were bussed straight to settlements in the disputed territories. So how are they coping? Neri Livneh tracks them down

I would have done the same
My son was killed by a Palestinian fighter. But Israel's occupation is to blame for his death

Israeli 'restraint' still means terror for the Palestinians
Curfews, shootings and house demolitions happen daily

The army is dictating policy

Israel Widens Its Range of Reprisals

Palestinians Lose Their Lifelines
West Bank Villagers Cut Off From Jobs, Doctors, Shops