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  Thursday  August 8  2002    10: 54 PM

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

57 years ago...

'One hell of a big bang'
Today is Hiroshima Day [August 6], the anniversary of the first use of a bomb so powerful that it would come to threaten the existence of the human race. Only two such devices have ever been used, but now, a decade after the end of the cold war, the world faces new dangers of nuclear attack - from India, Pakistan, Iraq, al-Qaida, and even the US. Launching a special investigation into nuclear weapons, Paul Tibbets, the man who piloted the Enola Gay on its mission to Japan, tells Studs Terkel why he has no regrets - and why he wouldn't hesitate to use it again [read more]

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Nagasaki Journey
The Photographs of Yosuki Yamahata

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My Experience of the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing and An Outline of the Damages Caused by the Explosion, by Dr. Raisuke Shirabe

August 9.1945

It was to be a day of carnage and horror that, one can only hope, will be remembered for all eternity. [read more]

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