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  Tuesday  August 20  2002    11: 00 PM


Donahue Interviews 9/11 Widow Kristen Breitweiser

DONAHUE: Tell me about what your-whatís-what is September 11th Advocates all about? What do you want to happen?
BREITWEISER: At this point, we are fighting for an independent investigation, an investigation into 9/11 removed from the political process. We donít feel comfortable with Congress investigating itself, basically. You have congressional committees that had oversight duties with the FBI and the CIA. We want politics removed. We want pure accountability, and we feel that an independent investigation is needed to have that.
   Weíve had independent investigations with regard to Pearl Harbor, with regard to the shuttle accident. If thereís a car accident, you have an investigation. We have waited 11 months, and I think it is deplorable that these women and myself have to leave our children, our homes, and go down to Washington and beg for answers. To have the right to have answers, we have to beg. And itís disgusting.
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