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  Thursday  August 22  2002    12: 21 AM


Worst Date Ever No. 9

Madison was not exactly the type I normally date. She was a bit more high maintenance than I prefer. Her cellphone was permanently affixed to her head, leaving a visible dent on those rare ocassions when she put it down to knock back a shot.

She had two really annoying habits. The first was jangling her Jaguar keychain loudly as she approached the car, so everyone knew it was her Jag. The second, was a need to fill every second with conversation. There would be no awkward moments of to fill around her as there was never any silence.

Why did I agree to go out? Typical male. It was those legs of hers. No woman should be allowed to have legs that good. Iím certain she causes traffic accidents, strutting downtown in her mini-skirted power-bitch suits. [read more]