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  Friday  August 23  2002    11: 55 PM

Get Your War On

Chapel Hellion
What's a nice boy like David Rees doing with a cult hit comic strip like "Get Your War On"?

By David Rees' own accounting, he had an idyllic childhood. Growing up in Chapel Hill in the '70s and '80s, he played Rainbow Soccer, helped his parents tend a vegetable garden, attended theater and the N.C. Symphony, went to Chapel Hill High School, and hung out with close friends, who encouraged him in his artistic endeavors. In conversation today, the polite 29-year-old artist sounds for all the world like someone who in youth always ate his vegetables and never had any overdue fines at the library. Like someone your mother might describe as "a nice boy." [read more]

thanks to Robot Wisdom


get your war on