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  Wednesday  December 3  2003    01: 23 PM


I Had A Farm in Africa...?
logging the Dark Continent from Harvard

Well, it does have an element of missionary zeal; Ethan Zuckerman's initiative, that is. Ethan, whose statistical models for information flow include the remarkable Global Attention Profiles map and data sets charting Western media coverage of countries worldwide, operates out of Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society and heads up the BlogAfrica project. Much like blogging's cardinal oligarch Dave Winer, he has broad vision and unbounded enthusiasm. It is usually wise to treat such people with caution but, as Ethan has promised not to unleash Dave on the continent early in 2004, I reckon he must be in possession of a sound mind spurred by noble intent.

BlogAfrica is a project designed to increase the numbers of people blogging in and about Africa and to increase the visibility of weblogs about Africa. The BlogAfrica project will include an index of Africa-centric blogs, hosting space for bloggers in Africa and workshops and events that will bring together bloggers from Africa with bloggers from around the world. BlogAfrica is planning its first set of workshops in Accra, Ghana in January 2004. Our team plans to be in Accra from January 10 - 20th, and we hope to offer a number of workshops at locations around Accra, Legon and Cape Coast

Sounds good, eh?

My wife's not a blogger but she is married to one. It influences her opinion. "So what do they want? Fifty million malnourished AIDS victims with laptops? Or is this only for our local gougers and the guys who get to ride in the motorcade?" she asked. She sometimes resents the time I spend at the PC so I generally take such comments with a pinch of salt before chasing her down to the river to do the washing and slaughter a goat for lunch. "I'm hungry. Watch out for the crocs."


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