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  Saturday  April 9  2005    09: 45 AM

the speed graphic is a user

I've moved my Speed Graphic from the "Users to be" list to the "Users" list. It's ready to take pictures. If I only had some film. That's next. Then I will have to find someone to process it.

I had a friend who is a leather worker make the strap and then I glued some polar fleece on the inside of the strap to make it a little more comfortable. I'm excited about using this big rangefinder.

J and C Photo have the 3.25x4.25 film. But they insist I send them money. I'm working on that. I'm going to be using Efke 100. I have a lab in Seattle lined up that thinks they can process 3.25x4.25. I also need to make a light tight box to send the film in. Then there will be pictures!

Here is a picture of the strap for my Burke and James installed. Tracy did a great job.