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  Wednesday  April 13  2005    12: 01 AM

shutter repair

I did do a little more disassembly of the Agfa Isolette II. I removed the faceplate of the shutter and drowned it in lighter fluid. I had a deep consultation with Blaine on this and he assured me that, while there are those that claim this is not a permanent fix or that this, according to all the finest camera repairmen, is an abomination, soaking it in lighter fluid could loosen things up, either for a temporary period of time, or as a long term solution, and that I wouldn't really be making it any worse than it already was, which would be useable, albeit only with the fast speeds since the slow speeds (1/10 second through 1 second) totally sucked.

This is the shutter soaking in lighter fluid. After leaving it in the magic cleaning solution for several hours, I blew it out and voila! The slow shutter speads work. It's a miracle!