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  Thursday  September 29  2005    11: 34 AM

a leica, a lens, and some straps

Well, I didn't seem to get to any more posts yesterday. But it was full of surprises and work.

The first surprise was the arrival of my grandfather's 1949 Leica IIIc.

What has coffee got do to with the Leica? I took the picture for a post over at Rangefinder Forum. There is a forum called Camera and Coffee for people to share their treasures and favorite coffee. It's Whidbey's organic expresso. (I think I'll have another sip. Ahhhhh!) Anyway, the camera was sent to Oleg in Russia for a clean, lube, and adjust as well as new shutter curtains for a cost of $60. (It was paid for as a birthday gift from Gerry. So I will think of both my Grandfather and Gerry when I use it.) It's much quiter now and all the controls are silky smooth. I took this down off the shelf two years ago. It had been on shelves since 1976. No longer. I ran out of money to get a lens CLA but, except for a little haze, it looks pretty good. It's a Summitar 50/2. I'm shooting some duplicate shots with the Jupiter 8 to compare. I'm assuming all will be well. It will get it's CLA someday. The lens shade is a Leitz IROOA that also was my grandfather's. I bought the little Sekonic a few months ago and it fits like a glove on the Leica. This camera got me back into film. I'm glad that now I can run film through it. It's truly a joy to use.

The other surprise was the arrival of my 65mm lens for my Salut-S. This was a replacement. The first one didn't shut the diaphragm down properly. This one works fine. I'm anxious to try it out for some stitched panaramas.

Most of yesterday was adding two new colors of leather for my camera strap site Gordy's Camera Straps. A brown and dark brown. Check them out. Buy a strap.