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  Friday  September 30  2005    09: 55 PM


'His eyebrows told us when the solos would end'
Jimi Hendrix's legendary Woodstock performance is at last available in full. Robert Sandall savours the moment

For once, "legendary" really is the word. The performance by Jimi Hendrix and his band that closed Woodstock in 1969 has been cited as one of the highlights of the festival, of Hendrix's career, of the decade, you name it.

His feedback-wracked solo rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner was described by the rock critic of the New York Post as "the single greatest moment of the 1960s".

The fact that this epoch-defining blast of sound was only witnessed by a bleary-eyed fraction of the 800,000 crowd who made the trek to Yasgur's farm in upstate New York seems, if anything, to have burnished the legend.

Thanks to a weekend of overruns, most had left by the time Hendrix arrived on stage nine hours late on the Monday morning. The movie Woodstock, which featured a short 10-minute segment from a set lasting nearly two hours, is all that most of us have ever seen.

Now, a mere 36 years after the event, Hendrix's Woodstock show can be viewed in its entirety on a new double DVD. This film of Hendrix in full flight is the most comprehensive concert document of him in existence.


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