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  Friday  September 30  2005    10: 17 PM


The A59 photographer
Dr Lindy Grant of the Conway Library on the artistry and itinerary of an unknown traveller and master photographer

In 1897, he visited Quebec, in 1900, he sailed up the Nile: in 1903 it was Andalusia, in 1904 Boston and New York, in 1906, Canada and Scandinavia, in 1909, Venice, Vienna, Budapest and Yugoslavia. He went often to France, and more than once to Spain. In 1911, he went to the West Indies; in 1912, Rome and Moscow; in 1913, Belgium and Holland - and Tunis and Carthage....then the Great War interrupted his travels.

He began again as soon as possible: Switzerland, untouched by war, in 1919; but then devastated Ypres and Nieuport in 1921. In the 1920s he got into his stride again - Sicily, Greece and Istanbul in 1922; Tunis in 1923, Spain and Switzerland in 1924 - taking two trips a year most years, it would seem, until 1934, when he went to Sweden. After that, nothing...