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  Tuesday  October 17  2006    07: 00 PM

the housecleaning continues

Having put the right column in order I'm attacking the left column and the dreaded out of date blog roll (or is that blogroll?). The political blogs section is now updated. I've cleaned out the dead and dying links and included a bunch of new ones that I've been reading regularly. Do check them out.

This is just the beginning. I've likened this site to the Winchester House. It started with some words about the death of my brother that I put online over 10 years ago. Then I started posting about family stuff. A little over six years ago I started this blog. Periodically I revised the design as technology changed and what I considered a good idea changed. (It all seemed like a good idea at the time.) A classic case of design by increment. Now to see if I can bring it all together so that it looks like it all belongs in the same website.