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  Friday  July 20  2007    11: 00 PM

family distractions

This past week has seen major family distractions and most of it is because of these three.

A week ago Wednesday, the 11th, my oldest, Jenny, arrived from Fort Carson, Colorado, with her kids Robyn and Evan. It's been a zoo ever since. This picture was taken Tuesday the 17th, which was their last full day here. Jenny came over to get instructions on how I make Gordy Bread®. Passing on a family tradition. We also went over old family pictures. I will be scanning several of them to be framed for her. I will post them when I do. I will be posting a series pf photos taken at this time with text. Until then, you can read what Zoe had to say.

On the 12th Zoe and I had breakfast with Jenny, Robyn, and Evan. Robyn then spent the rest of the day with us as Zoe and I ran our errands. More pictures to come on this.

On Saturday the 14th we had the family over for a barbecue. Katie picked up my mom and brought her up for the festivites. After that Zoe, Jenny, and I went down to Mukelteo Coffee to see Danny O'Keefe. Robby had to work the show and hadn't been at the barbecue. Great show. More pictures on this coming. Until then, check out what Zoe had to say. Jenny took off for Colorado on Wednesday the 18th. Zoe and I went down to Tacoma to visit Zoe's mom who had Alzheimer's on the 18th. Her speech is increasingly incomprehensible but occasional names from the past pop up. However, she was in a good mood and was cracking jokes. We didn't know what the jokes were buy you could tell from the expressions on her face that she was enjoying herself immensely. She was very animated and was having a good time. We did too. Jenny called Thursday evening from her home in Colorado. A safe trip. We miss them.

In the middle of all this Katie had her 27th birthday on the 16th and Robby his 25th on the 18th. We will have to wait until Katie gets back from camping on the Duckabush River, in the Olympic Penninsula, to celebrate her birthday. Today we took Robby up to San Remos in Oak Harbor for some Greek food. More pictures on this, too. Whew! Now to catch up on everything else.