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  Saturday  October 13  2007    10: 54 PM

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Parking Only

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I was struck during my recent weekend in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area on how all the plant life doesn't belong there. Not just some of it. All of it. LA is in the middle of a desert. A desert with water stolen from elsewhere. The plants are planted in strips between parking lots, roads, and structures. Without all that water the plants would die. So different from the Puget Sound area around Seattle, where I live, where great efforts are made to keep the vegetation at bay. The sun is a lot brighter in LA, too.

It has been a while since I've posted photos. I have lots to post. And a printer update: The 13" wide Epson 2200 that Don was going to bring over is off and we are back to the 17" wide Epson 3800. He will be picking it up on the 20th. His sister (who paid for the printer) was going to have her fiancée do the printing but he turned out to be too busy (as Don knew he would). Good news.