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  Saturday  December 22  2007    05: 39 PM

give us this day our daily photograph

PopCorn & Lemonade, Seattle Center 1974

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It's been too long since I've posted a picture. In 1974 I was getting into photography pretty seriously. I bought a 6x7cm Koni-Omegaflex M (also here) as my first medium format camera. It was a giant twin lens reflex. A two handed beast. I really did like that camera. One of those things that had to go when the kids came along. I think this picture was from my first or second roll ever of medium format color film. You can see me in the reflection behind the ampersand and the L bent over looking into the reflex finder. This was the only print I sold back then. I'm working on making another for my sister Madelane who is responsible for hooking me up with Don who bought the printer for me to use. I need to clean up a few scratches. I'll be printing it 11x14 on 13x19 paper. I printed an 8x10 proof print on Epson Premium Luster. Wow! Color printing has come a long way. I'm liking the Epson 3800 more and more. Now if I only had the time to print with it more. After Christmas.