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  Friday   February 11   2011


yowayowa camera woman diary

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Mubarak was President when I went to bed after he had made a speech telling the people to fuck off. I wake up and he is gone. The Middle East has changed. The people have spoken. Incredible!

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despair and hope

I've been absent from this blog for the last several months. One reason has been that my camera strap business keeps growing and doesn't leave much time for this. The other reason has been despair over the people running this country. Lately I can't even listen to NPR without screaming at the radio. This despair goes right to the top as Obama is clearly only there for corporate interests. And then there is the new crop of no-nothings in Congress: shit for brains.

But this week I've been watching Al Jazeera English broadcasting from Liberation Square in Cairo. What is happening in Egypt is truly inspirational. You won't find Al Jazeera English on your cable channels if your are in the US except for some very rare cases but you can get it online. Go to Livestation and download their desktop viewer. Then watch history being made.

Read this: U.S.-Egypt: Dance of the co-dependents

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