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  Tuesday   March 6   2001

A weekend with two kids and two grandkids. Not much work done.

Friday night was the opening of Club Ded. Zoe and I went to Saturday night's show and took pictures which are up on the afore-linked site. Very funny and very twisted!

Being a purveyor of fine music, with the guerrilla webcasting of TestingTesting, I find the Industry's increasing control of what you see, hear, and use alarming. A couple of articles along this vein:
Hollywood putting the squeeze on consumers
and The Gripe Line. Thanks to Dan Gillmore.

We buy it but the large corporations still own it and will control what you do with it. How long before they tell us (TestingTesting) that Derek can't sing Hey Jude on TestingTesting? Or that libraries are un-American. Welcome to The Amerikan Way.

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