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  Thursday   June 21   2001

The computer has been moved so now I am officially moved into the new house. Of course I haven't quite moved everything out of the old house. Jenny, Robby and Robyn are still there so they need to have something left for them to cook on, eat on, and sit on. And they have the TV. Everything will be out of the old house by the end of the month.

I received the June issue of Performing Songwriter today. It's not on the magazine stands yet. I have an ad in it so I got an early copy. It has a great article about Christine Lavin (disclosure - I do Christine's e-commerce site for christinelavin.com records) and how she, as an Indie, has her own record label.

She had nice words to say about her experience on TestingTesting:

We did a show like that [TestingTesting] where where there were 100 slots for people to log on and listen to the show and chat during the show. And it was one of the most unique experiences I've ever had as a performer. Every two or three songs the radio host—it was like a radio broadcast, except it was on the Internet—would interrupt and say, "Christine, Annie who's listening in Detroit would like to know if you would do such-and-such." The next day, they gave me a full printout of all the chatting that was going on during the show—-from the people who were at home in their pajamas in front of their computer—and we had about 200 people in the audience. I've only done it once, but I really liked it. So it's a live concert, with interaction involved because of the Internet, and you can't do that if it's just on the radio.

What was also really cool was that most of the pictures in the article were taken by Zoe during Christine's TT concert.

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  Monday   June 18   2001

Last night was my first night in the new house. I'm not really moved in yet. My computer is still at the old house so that is where I am now and will be all day doing work. The computer will probably move over Wednesday.

Yesterday's party, for Father's Day and for the family to see Jenny, Robby, and Robyn before they leave, was magic. It was a warm sunny day and the deck of the new house, overlooking the lake, was the perfect place to hang and enjoy each other (pictures coming soon).

The lake isn't very big. The picture of the house, by Zoe, is taken from the other side of the lake.

It was the first time out rowing on the lake in Zoe's aluminum skiff. Zoe and I rowed around the lake taking turns rowing. It's so different being on the water. After everyone had left, and I had taken Jenny and Robyn back to the old house, I cleaned up and, as the sun was going down, I went back onto the lake. Around the lake I rowed as the darkness gathered. On this little puddle of water, I rowed just hearing the sound of the oars in the water, the clank of the oarlocks, and the sound of the water being parted by the bow of the boat.

I could get used to this.

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