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  Saturday   December 9   2006

the vaughn brothers

It's been over 16 years since Stevie Ray Vaughn died. Where did that time go? You've got to see this. Stevie Ray and his older brother Jimmy playing the same double neck guitar. Simply amazing. I really have links to put up. Any time now. Until then, how about a little Pipeline?

  thanks to The Agonist

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give us this day our daily photograph

Mamasan and dog

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I finally upgraded my scanner to an Epson V700. There are a lot of old slides I have that I've been wanting to scan. This picture is an early one of mine. In 1958 I was 13 and living in Japan. My dad was in the Air Force and we were stationed at Tachikawa AFB close to Tokyo. I spent the summer working on base and spent some of my hard earned money on a 35mm Petri rangefinder. That's also the one in my avatar. Not actually the same one. I gave the original one to a friend in the 1970s for parts. Dumb! Thanks to the miracle of eBay I have one just like it.

That's the one in the picture. I think I paid $25 for it. The picture of the Japanese house was taken with that little Petri, shooting Kodachrome, when I was 13. It's not that bad!

The first scan I did was in the slide mount. The slide mount cropped the top of the roof. The slide was pretty dirty, too. I found some archival cardboard slide mounts at InkJet Art and already had some Pec-12 and Pec*Pads to clean with.

After removing it from the slide mount, and cleaning it, it made a much nicer scan. Much more sky above the house. (There is less in the final photo because I rotated it a little.) Also, a lot less retouching! Just a few hundred boxes of slides left to go.

It's been a busy week. I have lots of links to get up. Hopefully, this weekend.

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