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  Monday   April 28   2003

What an amazing birthday weekend!!! I've already mentioned that my nephew Gregg was here from WI...well, the weather couldn't have been more gorgeous for his stay.

Gordy & I picked him up from Seatac on Friday, and while I crashed that night, Robby & Gordy went to my Mom's and they all had great fun debating everything, from politics to the Matrix movie!!!

Saturday, Gordy stayed home with Mikey, while my Mom, Katie, Gregg and I went to see that oh so cultural icon of Oak Harbor; Fred Flinstone's Car! Who knew? Leave it to my nephew to find such rare treasures here on the Island !

On our way up north, we engaged in the fine art of GeoCache. Gregg has a personal GPS, and there's a whole world of "nerd cum advernturers" out treasure-hunting! What a blast. Our mission was to check out "Alpaca'd Up".

A meeting of the minds between Gregg & Katie

We found it!

Gregg signing in the log -- he took a "travel bug"

Katie's turn to log in

I was with some of the most loving people this weekend for my 50th -- I managed a quick hug from Robby, and I spent a lot of time being pampered by my Mom, Gerry, Gordy, my LOML, Gregg, Katie and Mikey. I also had voice mails and emails from Peg, Jan & Scott, Aunt Joan, Candi & Gary, Jim & Mary, and a few more surprises such as the CDs from Allette Brooks.

Some more amazing moments consisted of sitting on the "Rainy Day" and feeling Dad while watching Eagles catch thermals...sharing the boat with Gordy, Katie, Mike, Gregg & Mom [the batteries were shot, so we couldn't take the Rainy Day out...but sitting on the water is goodness too ]. Eagle-eyed Michael spotting Gerry on the other side of the canal; Mikey running into Gregg's arms for a hug /hello proved to be a magic too. I also got a hug from Irene, while Dondear was inside cooking, and met one of her kids, Theresa, with her husband Paul.

Gregg made Mom, me & Gordy a birthday dinner of "scientifically proven to taste the best sautee'd garlic", and pasta -- Mom contributed fresh strawberries with angel food cake and "whipped topping".
[BTW, Gordy, don't I rate a "Coale chocolate cake"?].

This weekend we laughed a lot together...
...and today we cried a lot when we dropped Gregg off at Seatac.
But April 17th 2004 the "GNL (Great North Left)Gillman Girls" will be heading east to watch this amazing guy get married --
Kate, you be good to our guy, promise?
..until then.

 10:26 PM - link -    

The Center for Public Integrity website is a great resource -- you can also find a link to the "Patriot Act II" draft.

"Who We Are
The Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization, was founded by Charles Lewis following a successful11-year career in network television news.

The quality of the Center's work, in just over a decade, has firmly established the organization as an institutional presence in Washington, D.C. With our hard-earned reputation for "public service journalism," the Center is distinct from most other non-governmental organizations, because of our high-quality, well-documented, investigative research."

And while you're there, a must see link is a link to ICIJ

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

 09:27 PM - link -    

Listen to Arianna Huffington and you might be inspired to purchase her book

Pigs at the Trough
by Arianna Huffington

Note: in the Q&A session, AHapplauds the bloggers!

 09:08 PM - link -    

An Interesting Link called Caught on FilmThe Bush Credibility Gap: Real Life Examples

"A chronology of Bush saying one thing then doing another" located within the Democratic Caucus of the House Appropriatens Committee website
[note, it stops at 01-30-03 -- I wonder if the war and fear of reprisal has silenced this site ?!? curiouser & curiouser...]

 12:49 PM - link -    

  Friday   April 25   2003

He's Here! and I'm loving every minute of it! I love his mind and how it works, I love his heart and how sensitive he is, I love his humor and his sense of the ridiculous...I love him so much -- it's good to have him right here right now! Below is a yummy Gillman Sandwich!

Gregg, me & Mom at Mike's in Langley!

 06:24 PM - link -    

My mind is turning to things not so musical. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm leaning on the blue side of the spectrum tonight.

There is a feeling of loss, or potetential for loss that pervades my mood -- just under the skin, not on the "tip of my tongue" but deeper in the core, almost ready to surface, but still hidden from consciousness.

I should be elated because Gregg, will be coming to visit tomorrow -- he arrives in SeaTac from WI at 12:42PM via United, but there is a bit of blue, perchance "chagall blue" ?

I think it may have to do with not having seen him in person since his surgery -- use of more than one sense is so important to the "big picture", making things real, and this visit illuminates how rarely I see my brother, Jim & family...I miss having *my* family, Joan & company; people who "knew me when"...people who have history with me and is family no matter what.

I think I've always thought "family of choice" was of greater importance than "family of blood", but in my dotage, I'm not so sure anymore. There is no learning curve with one's biological family.

But, I love so completely Gordy & the kids, and the kids' kids -- all of his siblings are wonderful! and Doris is all I could want in a "mother-in-law"...but there is that "in crowd" feeling and "odd (wo)man out" duality happening with the Coale family -- I feel on the edge of being a Coale, yet very definitely still a Gillman [and all the baggage that comes with it]. I wish I could put this "blue" to words rather than prattle on as I'm doing.

I don't know how to narrow down the scope of this emotional ambiguity -- it's probably as simple as a "hormone thing" or my 50th approaching, but that doesn't ring true as I put "pen to paper" -- I yearn to belong, be a part of, have the security of, being loved "as is".

While keying in the familiar retail "as is" my Dad's hand made signs manifested before my eyes and oh, they were frugally "mickey moused" and reused again and again, and it embarrassed Jim & Mom, yet here I sit and grin as I visualize them, and feel the associated moods, fights, dialogue and humor that their mere existence initiated, and yet nobody here knows about them...can validate my reality, my memories like my family can.

I really hate to lose those horrible and wonderful moments of life...the minutae & their brilliant significance.

I now know I am getting close to having defined this "blueness" because there is an easing up of, and recognition in, my core -- so I guess I'll stop writing now and just sit with this for a while.


 12:35 AM - link -    

  Wednesday   April 23   2003

I just got an update from Darryl Purpose via his mailing list, and he's found a volunteer to revamp and maintain his website.

It seems to be a music kind of month, because interestingly, the people who are slated to do the work, also write a book called "Indie Bible"!

For all you independent musicians out there, this looks like a neat resource, and they also have a free newsletter which I just signed up for.

Don't forget to check out Darryl Purpose's site, he's having a CD Spring Sale --> he's an amazing artist!!! If you haven't heard him yet, please visit the TT archives -- methinks you'll be hooked! ;-)

As Darryl said, "You can find purpose on the web!".

 12:08 PM - link -    

  Sunday   April 20   2003

You absolutely must visit Whole Wheat Radio.

Whole Wheat Radio - LIVE Independent Music Real Listeners Real DJs (mostly!) "Independent Music For Independent Minds" and self described as:

It's like visiting a good coffeehouse with your best friends - while listening to great independent music...

To listen, you'll need to download one of the following software programs:

  • AMP
  • MacAmp
  • MacAmp Lite
  • WinAMP

It's worth the download to hear them, and gather wheat berries!!! ;-)

 01:26 AM - link -    

  Saturday   April 19   2003

No wonder I'm always exhausted when I wake up -- it isn't FMS and lack of "stage 4" sleep, but that I'm so busy and stressed in my "dreams"!!!

Timothy Hull is promoting earth day at Chinook today, lots of great musical entertainment etc. and I had planned on gathering enough energy to go today -- it started at 1:00PM.

Well, apparently, it wasn't meant to be. I awoke from a busy evening of "sleep" at about 2:15PM and had to shake off my night activities.

{insert wavy lines here as I go into dream mode}

Seems like I had apparently tried to make it to the festival, but as I got out of my Jeep, and closer to where the musicians were playing, my eyes started to burn and close up and squint, and it kept getting darker and fuzzier and more painful.

I walked into this white brick enclosure, where the concert was being held, and saw Jim Page on my right, and Tim off on the left of center, and the bleachers were on my left -- my camera was hanging from my neck per usual.

I grabbed my camera and tried to snap a shot of "Jim", though hazy painful eyes, but when I looked through the viewfinder, I realized it was actually Timothy after all, and he was only a foot away from me -- I was practically on top of him, no wonder the people on the bleachers to my left had been murmuring...damn!

So I backed off and tried to fire off a shot, but could not see for the pain and squints, brigh lights? and the ever darkening vision.

Finally, Tim approached me and asked what was happening, did I get any photos etc. and I said, help me, please call my Dad, I'm think I'm going blind.

Tim did. Then (as things happen in dreams) I found myself in an underground garage, near my Fiat Spider (I haven't had that lemon...er car for years!) and Dad drives in, sporting a suit (that he used to wear to work) and in his very old Delta 88 (metalic pale olive green and also from eons ago -- not even the same vintage as when I had my Fiat) and stops near me.

I remember feeling his confusion and disappointment mixed with my failure and then slowly my eyes started to clear a little bit and feel a little less pain...and then abrubptly

{insert wavy lines here as I exit dream mode}

it's "awake" time...and I check the clock and it's 2:15PM and I'm too late to get dressed and go to Chinook.


Did I mention that I lost my Dad in 1999 to complications with his lungs and Melanoma? It was "Good Friday", April 2nd...and I guess my "dream" had a lot to do with the anniversary of same, not wanting to see the truth of it, and again, my illness messing up a perfectly potentially good day over at Chinook. I miss my Dad horribly -- as I have said before, he was my rock, my hero, my compass --and, as Anne of Green Gables is want to say, "I'm in the depths of despair."

 05:31 PM - link -    

  Tuesday   April 15   2003

Yes, this is what I *meant* to say [well mostly -- I didn't vote for Nader...]-- thank you Tim!

Tim Robbins

Using RealPlayer, you can watch the video
From the National Press Club today, April 15, 2003
NPC logo

 09:56 PM - link -    

  Monday   April 14   2003

Now you can see why I was so upset that I'm not 100% me when I get to visit with Robyn, as per my lament on Sat /Sun sleep-over...she's funny, smart, energetic, beautiful, quick and amazing !!!

Robyn Finger Trick

 05:14 PM - link -    

  Saturday   April 12   2003

Chronic Illness stinks...especially one that is an ICI (Invisible Chronic Illness). The only reason I'm using blog space right now to chat about my FMS, is because I feel so damn exhausted and worthless at this moment and I need a soapbox.

Robyn, Jenny's 4 year old daughter, is doing a sleep-over tonight, and I'm stoked! I was energized enough to take a shower, and get dressed, and imagining being with Gordy & Robyn -- oooh, love-fest.

But now, it's about 1/2 hour later, and they have not shown up yet, and I am ready to fall to bed, or couch, or floor -- I am so depleted, deflated, exhausted, tired, hurty, unfit, old and damaged. I phoned Gordy to say that as soon as Robyn comes, we should plan to grab a dinner, as I am fading fast and don't know how long I can last.

Doesn't that stink? Here's this amazing little Girl who I love, and before she even shows up, I'm working on a negative energy level -- it hurts to smile, to move, to use my imagination (oops there goes the cognizancy) how can I play with this little one when there is no me to be there for her?

I recall "wrassling" with Gregg (my Nephew, when he was Robyn's age) on the grass in front of a restaurant on the MA /CT border -- giggling, tickling, laughing, running, tripping and falling and playing with him -- oh joy, oh rapture, and here, thanks to FMS, it's a memory only, one I can't recreate with Robyn tonight, nor with Mikey (Katie's 3 year old)...I just hurt and am so tired...how will they ever *know* me -- the me that I remember, not this "sick" me. How will they ever find anything to love about this me? I certainly am at a loss to find any redeeming value in myself.

I love them all so much!

This (ICI) isn't fair for any of us. Really, honest and true, I'm not this tired old woman, I'm so much more fun!!!

 05:29 PM - link -    

  Wednesday   April 9   2003

Why We Fight 12/20/02 Episode #227

From This American Life archives -- Stories about why we should go to war in Iraq versus stories of why we shouldn't.
You'll need RealAudio to listen.

 12:31 PM - link -    

Regarding USA /Iraq the NY Times article, in part, stated:
"If Bush just wants to get rid of Saddam, that's fine, but if he is going to try to go after our basic institutions, like our religion and traditions and culture, then he will have no support"

[Personally, I find this snap horrifying -- the image of nightmares ..zoe]

 11:58 AM - link -    

  Tuesday   April 8   2003

What Were They Thinking? Thank you Lois for bringing the following to my attention ... frankly, it scares me to pieces [and I thought google was one of the "good guys"]!

Lois wrote:
"Try this to see if your address AND THEN A MAP TO YOUR HOUSE (!!!) comes up when you type your phone number into google. Isn't there a law?"

Google now includes a feature that lets you type a telephone number into their search bar, click the search button, and have either Yahoo Maps
or MapQuest map out directions to that phone number. Any person wishing to discover the physical location of a phone number, be it a home or business address, can use this feature to locate a street address and receive step-by-step directions on how to get there from anywhere in the country.

Google has included an option which allows you to remove your number from the database linking it to the mapping feature. First, check to see if your number is listed. Go to www.google.com, enter your full phone number separated by dashes (e.g., 555-123-4567) then click on "Google Search." If the number is in the mapping database, a telephone icon will appear next to the first or second entry on the results page. Clicking on this icon will take you to a page containing a description of the service and a link where you can request that your number be removed from the database.

Also Note that there is the following disclaimer on the opt-out page of google:

IMPORTANT NOTE:Removing your phonebook listing will not remove your personal information from other pages on the web or from other reverse phone listing lookup services, such as:

[personal note -- if we can't access government papers, get copies of our own medical records, or have our own MDs be able to access our records when we're in the hospital, where is the privacy thinking with this little tool, eh?]

 10:19 PM - link -    

I don't know if I was brave or stupid but I ended up having an anti-war chat, in public, with a lot of women, some with scissors, others with color, up in Oak Harbor, WA., home of the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.

Michelle was pushing back some as I talked, but I actually scored a few points (I think). On the plus side, we both agree that "anti-war" is not equivalent to "anti-troops" . But, she said that we have to help the Iraqi's, don't we? I said, that I believed that bombing them and their country isn't helping them. I suggested that we first try the Humanitarian Aid, help them, and see what they really need and want in the way of help.

She conceded that there is some logic in that point (as she applied highlights to my hair), but suggested that we already tried that, and failed. I then planted the seed, cautiously (she is the one who controls the color on my head), that we have gone against our allies at the UN, and have somehow believed that we are more right than the majority. I asked her what would have been the harm of waiting an extra month to get UN sanction, maybe avoid the need for war and /or at least not be in this "coalition" alone.

After some thought, Michelle said, well, it's too late now, we can't pull out.

I bit my tongue.

We segued to the significance of the red ribbons tied to trees and poles along with the yellow ones in Oak Harbor -- I thought she might know since this is her home town, and she also works here, she guessed that maybe it was because Saddam is most likely dead after today's action? The thought of this being the reason made her hopeful and more confident about our involvement and the end being in sight.

Depsite my scalp tingling with chemicals, I asked her if she thought that if Bush was killed, would our government collapse? "Well, no...." What about if someone destroyed the White House -- besides being angry as all get out, would it collapse our government..."I hadn't thought of it that way" -- and then I ventured, we've destroyed their capital and their palaces, I bet that the Iraqi's are angry at us for doing that ..."Yes, I can see that now that you put it that way".

Time for a leg wax. We continue our conversation some more as she layers hot wax on my legs, preps it with a cloth, about to pull the strip away.... Not one to let sleeping dogs lie, I had to grumble that it was different when it was our peers, when we were among the "immortal ones" during Viet Nam -- but these are *our* kids, they look to us for guidance, to shape their world -- and "we" decide to send them off to risk their lives, and we should be ashamed of ourselves.

This brings mostly silence (except for some muffled "Ows" from me in synchronization with the cloth strips being yanked off). "Maybe we should just let the people who are gung-ho in the military go over and fight, not those who are afraid and unsure about going" Michelle suggests. At least we are both looking for alternate options....

After a wash in the basin, and getting de-foiled, we get me back into the chair, and it's now time for Michelle to cut my "do"...I "joke" about her being upset with me, and the rest of the shop lynching me for what I said, she laughed and said "no -- there are a lot of people who are anti-war, but pro-troops, don't be silly" ... we both tune in to the conversation at the next chair to my right; a woman is saying her husband is in Iraq, "I support him, and can't imagine how people could publicly protest while he's over there. What are they hoping to accomplish -- it's demoralizing"!?!

I decided to err on the side of caution, and didn't engage my neighbor in chat...I tell you, war is hair!

 07:13 PM - link -    

  Saturday   April 5   2003

Color me Livid...I just got a letter from Aetna, my new insurer (the company was bought out by HP, so my insurance changed, yet again) and I *HAVE* to get a brand new PCP (Primary Care Physician) to manage my health.

Now, this is the thing -- I have a chronic disease called Fibromyalgia which is a whole story in itself (feel free to visit my FMsite or my Home Page to get a glimpse of this insidious illness) so I have finally found physicians that *know* me well enough, that I have a history with, and who are knowledgeable enough to deal with FMS as well as other illness, to be able to cull the differences.

I have been on a plethora of Meds, and have a comfort level that these MDs that I currently have, will honor the history of "try this one" and what works for me and what doesn't -- there is a mutual respect happening. Now Aetna tells me, even though I chose the option of "ELECT", that I need to go to one of THEIR HMO MDs and have them manage my care, else they won't pay...so am I going to risk losing my existing MDs?

I can only hope that the MDs that are with the HMO are professional enough to appreciate the need for me to continue seeing the MDs that I have a history with, and will refer me to them rather than try to micro-manage my care, and hope to get my money.

I am disabled. My energy is low, my pain is high, my cognizancy is low, my stress is high, my self-esteem is low, my exhaustion is high, my ability to bounce back and fight is low -- I really don't want to "start fresh" just to satisfy some insurance rule. I pay extra for this type of insurance JUST so that I can pick the physicians of my choice -- hence it's called HMO Managed Choice /elect!!!!!!

I'm so frustrated. I'm so tired of fighting everyone all the time for a bit of acceptance and understanding. Dammit! What a slimey game /Big-Buisiness the Insurance racquet is, and I can only imagine what Bush is going to do to make it even more horrific....

set livid=simmer

 03:00 PM - link -    

  Thursday   April 3   2003

L'Chiam...brilliant news just In! I just got off the phone with my eldest Nephew, Gregg, -- he's engaged to be married to his partner of the past 2 years, Kate!

Such a romantic! He and Kate were at the Art Instutue of Chicago's Museum, in front of the same Chagall stained glass, "The America Windows" that they had been two years ago when he first started dating Kate -- surrounded by the blue light, it just felt right, so Gregg took out the ring he had purchased months ago, and he proposed; Kate said yes!


They spent a lot of time talking about things, goals, hopes, dreams, surrounded by this amazing work of blue depicting panes of:

Gregg spoke to me that his recall from two years ago,was that the windows were so very and completely blue, but this time he noticed and was immersed in the many colors that pervaded the blue glass.

Here's a bit of a written piece by Jeff McMahon:
[amazingly, it seems prophetic and mirrors what Gregg told me about this magic place and this magic moment]

"Climbing marble stairs between Bodhisattvas,
backed by Buddha, one first sees it. The Institute calls it "luminous azure" but it should
forever be known as Chagall blue....Down, down, down beneath the O'Keefe -- Georgia's blue a lovely pale gradient against her pink, but down, really down now, aswim in Chagall, the blue swallows all. Pink dove, yellow sun, birds, people, trees, the rooftops of the City America, it surrounds and overlaps them like a lazuli sea. They are imbued with blue, imblued, under blue as if under a spell, under yet lifted up. So it is, not just with the seen but also with the seers, the passing pausing people in all their prides and prejudice are one color now, swallowed up in blue....A force for change. Because more serene than the Buddha, more merciful than Boddhisattva, more luminous than azure are the blued faces on the armies of children who march through this light hand-in-hand, seeing, wondering, changing in ways they know but may not know in a moment, may not know again for decades, may never know again, but changed nonetheless -- enriched, expanded, forever altered by exposure to Chagall blue."

I wish for you so many wonderful things that await you together the words can't address -- health, happiness, laughter, abundance, home, family, heart, humor, hope, friendship and love...!

 09:38 PM - link -    

Dave Van Ronk Day 2003 Update:
Heads up -- we've gone GLOBAL -- as of now we have radio djs from the US, Canada, Virgin Islands, Australia, France, and Slovenia involved, so it truly will be an international event!

 02:04 PM - link -    

This poem came across my CRT and I'd like to share it:

George W. Bush

Remember when George W. was running for president
He said, the dubya stands for Women
His parents said the dubya stood for Washington,

The dubya stands for something
But there’s no tellin’ what.

Could it be the dubya stands for Weapons Of Mass Destruction Bush
George We Have Them Weapons But Nobody Else Can Have Them Bush
George We Sold Saddam Them Weapons But We Want Them Weapons Back Now
Or George Who Declared War On Iraq Now Bush
Or Will Kill Women and Children Now Bush
Will Not Send Enough Troops To Protect Our Troops Now Bush
Will Send Marines To Their Death Now Bush

The dubya stands for something
But there’s no tellin’ what.

How about George Who Needs An Election Bush
George Who Needs Human Rights Now Bush
Or George the dubya stands for Whisky Bush
Or Who Wants To Bankrupt Our Country Now Bush
Or George Well To Do Bush
Want More Money Bush
Will Do What I Want Bush
I’m The War President Bush
Or George Where’s My Mommy Bush.

The dubya stands for something
But there’s no tellin’ what.

I’ll tell you what the dubya stands for
How about George We’ll Vote You Out Now Bush
George We Think You Did Enough Damage Now Bush
George We think You Sent Too Many Americans To Their Death Now Bush
I don’t know what the dubya stands for

The dubya stands for something
But there’s no tellin’ what.


Mark T. Colby© March 30, 2003

 05:07 AM - link -    

While I'm on this political roll...you simply must listen to this tune of our own TT Alumni, Dana Lyons.
He wrote "Lubricate The Red white & Blue" in 1991.

 12:06 AM - link -    

Here's a new animation from the classic web site "Too Stupid to be President.com"
[Note, you need Shockwave to view this]

 12:04 AM - link -    

  Wednesday   April 2   2003

Just had to link to this site -- remember to get out and Vote in 2004!!!
WSJ: George W. Bush Scorecard of Evil
[The Wage Slave Journal is a collection of political commentary by Jesse Berney]

 11:58 PM - link -    

Today is an offering of a plethora of entries!
This is an announcement of an important event coming up Sunday, May 18th in honor of an amazing artist and musical influence, an observer of the human condition, and a brilliant human spirit; Mr. Dave Van Ronk!

Stop by Christine Lavin's site for updates, and /or this weblog for news regarding DVR Day 2003! There is also a Dave Van Ronk tribute section for your viewing and reviewing.

This is the note that Christine sent out recently:
"Dear Folk DJs:

Please join us on Sunday May 18th to celebrate what the New York City Council has officially declared "Dave Van Ronk Day." We want you, the folk dj community, to be involved directly in this event.
Tom Paxton, Patrick Sky, Odetta, Paul Geremia, David Massengill, Danny Kalb, Elijah Wald, Frank Christian, Frank Tedesso, Rosalie Sorrels, Sylvia Tyson, Bill Morrissey,
Chris Lowe, Eve Silber, Jeremy Wallace, Phil Namenworth, Terre Roche, Suzanne Vega, Jack Hardy, Josh Joplin and me, Christine Lavin, will be gathering at The Bottom Line, 15 West 4th Street in New York City for two shows, 3:00 and 8:30 PM -- along with artists Suze Rotolo and Enzo Bartoccioli plus special surprise guests (Suze and Enzo are assembling an intermission slide show of Dave's life; the surprise guests are, well, surprise guests!). Everyone is performing one song -- a song written by Dave, made famous by Dave or inspired by Dave.
Excerpts from the forthcoming book by Elijah Wald, "The Mayor of MacDougal Street" will be read throughout the show by Suzanne Vega.

The show is called "Dave Van Ronk Day: Celebrating the Spirit And Legacy of the Mayor of MacDougal Street." Tickets are $25, the box office is 212.228.6300 and part of the net proceeds will go toward the editing and mastering of Dave's very last concert (October 2001) which, lucky for us, was preserved on tape.
Those who have heard it call it 'the quintessential Ronk experience".
He knew (although no one else did) that it was his last show. At the time of his death he was not signed to any record label, so the plan is to master this album as best as can be done (we are currently talking to a team of engineers who have years of experience with archival material to do it up right). Although Dave was nominated for a Grammy, he never won one, but he wanted to very much. We are hoping that with this project maybe we can help that dream of his to come true.

How can the folk dj community be a part of this? If you are on the air on Sunday, May 18th, devote part of your show to the music of Dave Van Ronk, talk about it being "Dave Van Ronk Day" in New York City -- and let me know that you are doing this (I have set up a special email box vanronkday@aol.com specifically for you, the folkdj list, and nothing else).
If you are NOT on the air that day, but are the week prior, do your tribute to Dave at that time and also let me know. I am personally keeping the list of all the djs who take part -- so I need you to email:

your name
your program's name
what time it airs
station call letters

That list will be incorporated into the events of that day, either as part of the slide show, or posted at the entrance of the club, or in a printed program. There won't be time to mention all of you personally from the stage, but I will mention the folkdj list and pertinent information about the organization as part of the speechifying (along with the politicians who are doing the reading of the official proclamation).

If we know far enough ahead of time, participation of the folk dj list can also be included in the press release that The Bottom Line will send around approximately 4 weeks prior to the event.

The Bottom Line release can state, "Besides the New York City Council declaring it "Dave Van Ronk Day," folk music radio djs from around the country, all part of the folkdj.org cyberspace community (that wording will be exact) will be featuring Dave's music the week of May 11-18th.

No performer is getting paid -- they are all donating their concert fees to the pot to get Dave's last concert out there.

Dave Van Ronk influenced hundreds of singer/songwriters for close to 50 years. During his lifetime, while revered by many, even receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from ASCAP, he never quite received the acclaim that he deserved. We are hoping this event will help to put the spotlight on him once more, raise enough money to release his last album, and hey, it's going to be a great party.

I hope you can be part of it, even if you can't be in New York (or get here if you can!). If you ever met Dave, or saw him perform, or got to interview him, you know what a brilliant man he was, and how deserving he is of this event.

Christine Lavin"

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Just a quick mention that my Father died April 2, 1999...

I love you and miss you; "be safe, come home soon"
your "happy girl" still working on winning you a "yeah yeah"

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If you've listened to all of the TestingTesting Archived shows, and feel like "intermission" before you do the archive loop again, I suggest the following for online listening:


Listen to Hober

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As promised...more photos of the Small Potatoes are available here -- just download the free ofoto software & enjoy!

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Jacquie and Rich of Small Potatoes, [yes there really is an e...] just left for the airport to fly to Alaska for some gigs there -- you really must see /hear them, they are wonderful!

Here's the link to the TestingTesting archive, and after I upload to ofoto, I'll post that link here for more snaps.


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"walk this way..." Igor [prnounced Eye-gore] from "Young Frankenstien" [pronounced Steen] -- there's more!