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War Around 
the World
Preparing to leave
Progress Report dated 
November 8, 1943

Nov 1 - 0900 to 90 Church Street to see about inoculations. To Lieut. Comdr. DeLong's office. 1130 to 1730 reading galley proofs and editing. Wrote necessary paragraph to go into manuscript just previous to Chapter VIII.

Nov 3 - 0900 to 90 Church Street. Got three inoculations. To Transportation Department to make inquiries, after much waiting. Invited to inspect Eastern Sea Frontier charts. 1430 to 1730 reading galleys. Sent added [paragraph for censoring to Lieut. Parsons to pass along to Lieut. Comdr. Say.

Nov 5 - 0900 Shopping for Navy Flight Bag and other simplified traveling gear and to bank. 1200 to 1730 Navy correspondence and desk work on book, etc.

Nov 6 - Feeling sick and with swollen arm from yellow fever and two other injections.

Nov 7 - Sunday. 1000 to 1700 Winding up paper work. Report to Captain, etc.

On Monday I get my final flock of injections for cholera, etc. and am all ready to shove off and am standing by for orders.

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