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  Friday   March 28   2003       12: 29 AM

My Father's Eyes (..Shirley Temple's dimples)... I finally motivated myself to create a banner for my 'blog. I tend to avoid having my photo taken, so this is a rare occurrence.

As I edited my banner in Photoshop®, I noticed that my eyes truly are my Father's! The color, the shape, the furrowed brow.

If I look really hard, I see his compassion for others, his pragmatic outlook on life, his work ethic, his sense of the ridiculous, his wisdom, his worries, his striving to be the best he can be (but never feeling he ever succeeded) his tenacity (read: stubborn), his rare but wonderful laughter, his love of all living things, his music and art appreciation, his curiousity about new technology, his belief that one's word is to be taken as a binding truth, his putting his family & friend's needs before his own, his ability to figure things out, his intuition, his love, his innate sense of style, his "happy girl".
People think I look just like my Mother, but I don't have her effervescence, her joie de vive, her artistic talent, her ability to live life so completely and fully without fear, her ability to explode, on a moment's notice, into anger or into laughter with equal exuberance. I don't have her talent to draw people into her world without even trying; people want to be near her, want to make her laugh, make her happy. I don't have her exquisite beauty, her sense of style or creativity. Nor do I have her her youthful appearance; her energy, her sheer brilliance.

But, all things considered, as I look at this photo on the banner, I do note that I really do have Shirley Temple's dimples after all.

Huffington Post's "War Wire:
Some News Is So Bit It Needs Its Own Page"

My personal hope is to be able to take this link down forever
with a world policy of peace through dialogue

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