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  Wednesday   September 8   2004       11: 32 AM

Yesterday at Swedish Pain Center I met with Suzanne LaCross per referral from Dr Wen. She is a cognitive therapist, and after reading up on cognitive therapy, found that her work would have a lot of things related to, but not the same as, behaviour therapy.

I really really liked and was impressed by her presence and intelligence. We clicked. Unfortunately, because I already see a therapist, she felt that our work would be overlapping with Marilyn's. There is no way I'd leave Marilyn, she's been amazing for me, and brought me to a place of such good mental health, which my pain problems have pretty much trampled into the mud for now, so I am not going to even consider changing therapists.

It was sort of like finding and breaking up with a kindred or supportative soul in an emotionally packed hour. I told her that Marilyn encouraged me to persue meeting her since her scope has reached it's limit regarding pain support, but Suzanne Lacrosse stood firm.

What she did come up with was an alternate plan. She suggested I meet with Carolyn McManus at Swedish for Physical Therapy. She raved about her wonderful work, and her de-stressing related abilities. Dr Lacrosse said just being in her presense is calming. Sounds like a plan to me. I related that even when I was healthy, and interested big time in new-agey stuff like bio-feedback (Alan had purchased one way back in the early 70's ) and meditation, I was unable to "get there" that zen, meditative state. But she assured me that this woman is the one to break that cycle and get me there.

I won't go into the mess that ensued at the front desk, but suffice to say that Swedish is not unlike the catch-22's and frustration level one finds at the MVD! ;p~~~~~~~~

So, I have an appointment with Carolyn McManus.

I went to Amazon and looked up her book,"Group Wellness Programs for Chronic Pain and Disease Management" (too pricey and probably not an easy read for me) and she also has 3 CDs that looked interesting, but most of all, this woman is very well thought of!!! So, I lucked out this time in this path at Swedish to have been set on a path to meet with Carolyn. I'm actually hopeful!

One more negative thing, she's into "group therapy" and I am so NOT! Also, the trip to and from Seattle may just stress me and undo any good time with Carolyn may offer...but my toes and fingers are crossed!

Send positive healing vibes my way if you're so inspired.

Pax, Vote!