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Civilian casualties update
  Sunday   September 12   2004       10: 26 PM

An interesting day as in a lot of "may you live an interesting life" that is the chinese curse...!

But, despite that, we have managed a bit o' fun doing com CTscans -- one of Olivia (and a pepper with some real live catnip on it -- hence her squirrely-looking face 'cuz she was rubbing and moving while tha scan was on) and Zach, with his shaved belly hair growing in, and then the only photo I could get of Mom, was to convince her to do a handshot with me -- I love how it came out!

Here they are:

HRH Miz Olivia's CTscan

our hands
Mom & Me & Gordy's "onering" and Dad's "onering" x2

Sir Zachary the Bear's CTscan

Pax, Vote!