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  Wednesday   September 15   2004       12: 32 AM

I have an amazing sister /friend /kindred spirit who lives in Brisbane Australia.
I met Crissi when I attended 2 Dan Millman courses /seminars held at Westebeke in '93 (or was it '94 -- memory fails me). I drove, alone, from my place in Redmond, to there -- and this was during my "agorophobic" phase after John and I got married (heading soon for divorce -- WWIT?).

This is where I learned about, and how to do "Life Purpose Readings".

But the real bonus, was on the last day, of the 2 weeks I spent there, Crissi and I connected in a special way. Call it synchronicity, call it fate, call it destiny, heck -- call it spirit, or even chaos, but for some reason, the offer was extended to Crissi for me to take a long way home back to Seattle with her as company.

It was one of the most amazing times of my life.

We managed to find nature and tree-hugging in the Muir Forest -- amazing Redwoods, and the "amazing! bizarre! A sucker is born every minute!" place on the side of the road, where gravity actually fell apart (we took snaps to prove it), and to Truckee, CA -- a lovely town and a real hoot to lunch and shop, and a meander over to Tahoe (we both took a nap on the beach) and over to Reno, for gambling and gamboling.

We got lost quasi-intentionally along the way, choosing roads that looked interesting, and I managed to christen my Jeep in sand dunes (while the orange low-gas warning light was on -- nail biting time) and listening to Christine Lavin the majority of the time on the CD, little did I ever imagine that I'd meet her and be her webiste manager in the future), and all the while, talking, swaping life stories, and war stories (they are the same thing, aren't they?) while driving northward.

Finding a room on Cannon Beach in Oregon was our last overnighter and it was lovely, and reminiscent of back east beaches, and we shared even more experiences and found we were definitely kindred souls and sisters!

It was a very special connection, and enjoyable reminder of what life can be if health allows, and one takes a step out of their comfort zone and is open to the universe. A pretty fine life re-affirming message...!

But, I digress.

Crissi phoned tonight.

Her mother died.

I am so sorry for her, and so helpless to help her, especially 1/2 a world away. I wish I was able to travel to be with her. She lost her father just about when I lost mine. Of course my mind wanders to fear that history will repeat itself yet again. My Mom said that she's definitely be a Mom to Crissi (she made me request it of my Mom) but she assured me her "feet are firmly on the ground" and she's "not going anywhere". That's a good thing.

I'm sending loving thoughts Crissi's way. If any of you are prone to prayer, I'm sure any positive energy sent to Brisbane Australia will be much appreciated.

Thank you.