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Civilian casualties update
  Sunday   October 15   2006       12: 29 AM

You have no idea just how scary it looked when I walked up to Mom and saw the "shiner"...that was way more than a shiner -- it hurt to just look at it. She is lucky her eye is ok. Mom fell the other day at 4:00 AM, and they told me about it, but I had no clue to what extent the injury was. It was truly shocking.

OTOH, Mom was so much more herself than she's been for a while.

By this, I mean she wasn't "trying" too hard, or "over-selling"...she was just Gerry, and she had some memories that surprised me. And we just had the love-glow going on that I needed. I need her nearby soon. Mom said she wants it too.

Unfortunately, there's no way to make this happen. I can't tell her to "behave" because she has no idea that she isn't. There is a meeting on the 30th, and I will be going. I hope we get some realistic information and expectations. The idea of her still in there is devastating. I have no idea how she handles the "ugliness" of the person who shouts, or the people who knock on our window in the room we stay in. I don't know how she managers, but she does. She's so dear to me.

And she walked us to the door as they let us out, and called out "I love you"!!! Oh my heart was overwhelmed with joy and sadness..but joy that she still loves me despite the situation she's enduring.

I gave Mom the photo (below) of Kim and Doug, and she took a few moments, but then she remembered!!! That is also very good. I also told a secret about their relationship, and dang, Gerry said, "I expected that!!!" -- it was a blessing and endorsement as far as I'm concerned.

I'm still high on adrenaline, and I took tons of meds today, Gordy is so beat, it's catching up with him. I wish I could make him feel good, but it's so hard with a lot of issues we have going on now. Mom was very loving to Gordy today, maybe she felt it too?

He took a nap while Mom and I worked a puzzle.

My LOML is snoring next to me, I had to do it, but I have to get him to stop -- audio is a huge part of FMS for me, always has been...so, here goes when I sign off.

Write Oprah y'all!