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  Sunday  October 15  2006    10: 41 AM


It's not been an easy couple of days. We started off Friday for the 2 1/2 hour trip to visit her mother at Western State Hospital (Alzheimer's). We were on the ferry dock waiting for the ferry when Zoe's stomach was really bothering her and we had to turn around and head home. She was heartbroken that she couldn't make it. (Zoe's post.) She was afraid that the stress of going to see her mom was kicking off the IBS and she wouldn't be able to see here again but we made it down yesterday to see Gerry okay. We brought Gerry some of her favorite foods, which she enjoyed. There are still flashes of Gerry there but she continues to decline. We wish she could be closer to use so we could visit her more often but she is still getting being aggressive with the other patients. It will take 30 to 60 days of good behavior to get on the discharge list and the discharge process is at least two months long. We will be going to a care meeting with her doctors at the end of the month. I hope they have some ideas on getting her to a level that she can be discharged. Zoe has more.