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  Tuesday   December 26   2006

Just a quickie link to Gordy's as he has a working computer and could put up snaps ASAP. I hope to add more of my perspective and snaps later on. I don't know how I managed to get through the haze o pain and rx, but I did, and managed 3 holiday events -- kewl. Today I slept a lot, and that was good, will prolly head back soonest for some zzzzzzzz's and hopefully body repair.

This year we're started a new tradition, methinks, of waffle xmas chez here, and laundry
<-- singing to herself, "we shall go a waffling a waffling..."
[..unfortunately, singing is as close as I got, due to ER tummy alert, I had to abstain...dang! But I'm really good at getting off on other folks' happiness and yummy sighs...'twas a delight]

It was awfully lonely without all of the usual suspects, such as Gerry, William, and Jenny, Evan and Mis Robyn -- bummer royale, but next year they will get first waffle helpings !!! Yippeee.

Still on ER alert, but it's degraded in defcon level ... I wish all of you and yours a happy, healthy, laughter filled peace on earth holiday and new year.

Silent Night(s) Before Christmas...Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel

In attendance to make it a lovely time were, Kim'n'Doug, Robby'n'Hannah, Katie'n'Mikey'n'Colby, with mini streaking appearances by Olivia and Zach!

Chins up!!!

 05:52 PM - link -    

  Thursday   December 14   2006

Ooops, details later, but I saw Mom yesterday, and she looked very much like her charming, twinkling eyed self. She had a black sweat suit on, and she looked amazing. Her eyes did that wonderful baby blue twinkle she does when she's "present" and she was loving and touching and I miss her so damn much -- the distance really rots when coupled with my health issues. Same old litany, but same old frustration building building up always.

She had a new cut on her hand, but when I showed it to the staff, it was unbandaged so I thought they may have missed it, but they said they knew and had cleaned it. Mom was upset by the look of her bruised forearms, but they looked like there were less to me, so I told her she looked better. She was not feeling well, but she rallied for me and Gordy, the consummate host and, "party girl". Did I mention she had planned to write about her grande parties she threw, and call it, "Confessions of a Party Girl"? I wish she had, or at least started notes or a diary. They were all hum-dingers.

I digress, as usual.

The people, the staff, at WSH ward E-8 are an amazing bunch of souls. I sure hope the lotto and lottery tickets stuck among their goodie bag of treats wins them mucho dinero. They are such a deserving group. And they care, and I can't ask for any more than that.

Gerry looked well, twinkled, and was spewing names from her past, so I imagine she was going down memory lane of sorts. I love her beyond the capability of words. I wish the place was more easy on the eyes and ears, but the staff is stellar.

Be safe Mom during the storm...last storm they only had a few generators able to work. But I hope they care for her as I believe they will, she will be afraid. She mentioned she gets afraid now when she's left alone. But, she was there and knew me, if not my name.

Such a strong brave lady. I'm with you always Mom. {{{huggers}}}

 05:33 PM - link -    

Bracing for stormy weather... more rain and high high winds!!!

The news is talking about 90 MPH, and it's headed straight for the strait de juan de fuca -- that's really close here on Whidbey. I expect a longer power outtage in the offing as it hit and is hitting Oregon as I write.

I have mac-horror stories in the offing. They have probably, finally, lost their best, most staunch customer due to their internal fighting, and the spillover onto the customer (me) and their choosing to be right in their defiance, instead of supportive.

I have put up with so much of their inconvenience, with gusto, since my first personal computer in '91, and their strong suit has never been customer support, but to knowingly throw one away, after I did everything I was told to do, extended warranty, protecting the computer, going internal /phone because of some inname, unnamed reason the "GENIUS BAR" [ha] made me call it in instead, and their not backing their product, or their support.

Infighting, and name calling from "internal" v. "retail" and I lose out.
Icing on the cake is I have one very broken, messed up Macbook Pro being shipped back to me, and I am now without a working laptop.

I am so frustrated and feel betrayed after all I've said and done in staunch lobbying and support for the Mac. To be disconnected from the net /world /etc. is scary stuff when I am so reliant on it due to health issues, and Momstuff, and when I go for the care at Clear Passage, well, to be disconnected is pretty scary for me. I don't have the money to spare.

And they were so awfully mean on top of it all.
Power flickering, I'm outta here for now..send positive vibes our way please!


 05:21 PM - link -    

  Tuesday   December 12   2006

This is getting tired now...not much charm in being out of power or another prime time 12 hours...humbug.

I am behind in mail and following up on stuff...but tomorrow I am visiting Mom, and so I better let it go and just see if I can get a few hours of sleep. It just takes so much out of my soul to visit her there.

I had a voice mail from Brian today, and it is indicative of they're not staying on top of the things they read or were told..it's good, huge actually, that they listen me at all, but they don't keep it in their memory, so it sort of negates some of the feel good that I get.

I want Mom home ASAP, or the more specific time frame is that I need her home as soon as she needs to be...I need her to be ready for it too...poor Mom, poor Bahmu -- I hope she feels the love and heart.
Well we'll see what tomorrow brings.


 03:40 AM - link -    

  Saturday   December 9   2006

One of many I'm sure -- my cousin, Laura who lives in CT sent this one -- thank you LV -- let it snow let it snow let it snow....

HO Ho ho?!


[I sure hope Cheney wasn't around?!?]


 11:55 PM - link -    

  Thursday   December 7   2006

PS Important news coming down the pike today... Christine put out a great CD and "cookbook" compilation that is so amazing that I even purchased it on my own at Amazon.

Well it had a nice write up, and today we'll know if it is going to be nominated for the Grammys.

I'll keep y'all posted !!! Now this is a great place to put out positive energy towards!!!

The name of the CD /cookbook is a homage to her mentor, Dave Van Ronk, "One Meat Ball"

CD cover

Take a link to One Meat Ball and hear some snippets from the CD. Good music and good recipes. It can't lose from my POV!

 11:42 AM - link -    

I've been quieter than usual, if there was only a mind-oriented psychic blog, that read one's thoughts and posted them, photos and all, well, there would've been a whole lot of posts. Yet, my laptop decided to do the polar opposite, and finally went "belly up" and is, hopefully, safely at Apple repair, being tended to very carefully, and not losing an iota of data on disk, and methinks I left a DVD in it, and there is not much I can do about it.

I'm going through lap-withdrawal -- it is so odd to be on the eMac, and deal with having to move over to it. And it is so not full of the current data I need to access, or mail, or addy's or..well, it's out of date, and so is the OS and programs and it isn't set up for my eas of use.

I know there are soooooo many other things that require positive vibes, way more worthy, but if y'all got any spare bits left, let's hope for a new keyboard that really really works, a CRT that doesn't go black at it's whim, or have a hot spot, and a CD /DVD drive that does what it should, not be flakey, and a bunch of progs that are supposed to be compatible with 10.4.8 /dual Intel chip Macbook Pro native start to work without crashing and losing gobs o' work and /or data finally resolved, if it is a hardware thang, and that my battery isn't a killer battery that is gonna burn down the wee thing, and the icing on the cake would be that it comes home soon!!!

I didn't get to do all I hoped to do before it left for Macfixitworld because it truly went haywire and made a growling noise, methinks it was the hard drive, and it would let me stop it until I pulled the power and then removed the battery. I think it's sick and I want it all better, and fer free since I paid for the extended warranty, although I'm sure there will be loopholes galore that are exceptions that will have me pay out of pocket.

Speaking of out of pocket.............KaChing!!! Yes. I am getting way closer to hoping to get my passages cleared at Clear Passage, which would firstly allow me to avoid abdominal surgery. The subsequent benefit potential is that if I have no more stomach pain (although that will be a toughie, as, the stomach problems started prior to the gall bladder surgery which created the new problem of the adhesion(s) which in turn can have me resolving it via N/G tubes so part of the problem might be eliminated which would be HUGE but not the entire issue...) but if they do a lot of body work that eliminates a lot of the pain I have 24x7 now, then I could back off on the pain meds, which, according to Dr Waite is one of the reasons I have a lot of personal black holes in my grey cells. I truly have a teeny tiny appreciation for what Mom went through at the onset of her Alzheimers, as I have been told that there have been times when I ask things over and over again, and not remember that I already asked it, and /or had an answer.

Of course I remember how it drove me nutsy (but I'd love Mom to be at that early stage now..) having to constantly repeat myself, and it was hard to not feel like she just didn't listen or care back then since she was otherwise in good working brain order...but now I know how it's easy to think that people are trying to pull something over on you...a "Gaslight" moment of sorts.

I still, and I know part of this is FMS, but it has exacerbated, have major brain farts when I try to talk. It can manifest in my forgetting what I was about to say, was saying, or can't find a simple, common word that is in my vocabulary when I try to communicate. It is awfully frustrating.

But, I have some truly good news. Miz Kim iz coming with me to Clear Passage!!!!!!! She blows my mind. She is self employed, and for her to take 2 weeks off is definitely a hardship. But beyond the financial, she will be leaving her fiance, her family, her house, her personal projects at home, her family, her cats, Baby and KatKat who is still in her kittenhood, and all this because I don't think I can do this solo.

She isn't even much of a believer in this process, but she's not getting involved in that detrius after she knew I was going to go, and that Dr Waite is ok with it, [and if he thought it a totally ridiculous, outrageously hopeless venture, he would not be shy in telling me so] Kim says she'll be with me to help me in any way I need her.

The flights are outrageously pricey, and L O N G !!! To date, as I look around, the best possible option is one stop from SEA to GNV an 8.5+ hour flight, but with 15+ hours from here to there...ack. I get pretty beat from a round trip to Oak Harbor, and a round trip to visit Mom at WSH is a killer, and so I can not begin to imagine what this trip will do to my body and sleep and mind.

Did I mention 3 out of 4 flights are "red-eyes"?

And I have no clue about how much restriction is in effect. I used to always bring my own water. I don't think this is possible now. Oh my. I also used to bring my "necessaries" with me on the plane, and most of them include undies and such, but also Rx, and makeup and washing goodies.

So this will be a tough time getting there fer sure. But how I will be once I arrive? Who knows. I sure hope that Belinda can give me some positive information that other long distance people have used to minimize the negative impact of the long journey.

Oh, did I mention none of the flights have food? LOL and there will be naught for me to have at the connecting airport to eat, as I'm a vegetarian, and a "partiallly hydrogenated oil" abstainer...for years now I think it is. It was my 'tip of the hat" to healthy eating, and I don't knowingly slip, and I know that most "machines" or fast foods are full of "partialies" (more commonly known as trans fats).

So as Gordy hacks up a lung, and avoids all my suggestions for him to make an appointment, I shall sign off and start to "dip the duck" as he calls it, or maybe just annoy him to pieces that he'll go to simply shut me up!


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"walk this way..." Igor [prnounced Eye-gore] from "Young Frankenstien" [pronounced Steen] -- there's more!